5 Keys To Making New Friends In College

It’s less than a month to start classes and your new life as a university student. Ready to make new friends? Here we tell you how!

Getting to a place where you do not know anyone can be quite intimidating, especially if you have a personality more prone to introversion or shyness.

If this is your case, do not worry. You would be surprised to know how many people go through exactly the same situation and have the same fears.

To help you overcome this barrier, we present the 5 keys to making friends in college:

1.Do not look only to those who look like you

One of the wonders of going to college is that you will meet people of all types, origins and thoughts. Do not limit yourself to approaching only those you consider similar to you. Talk to everyone and you will see how you will open your mind, freeing yourself of prejudices and practicing empathy.

2.Participate in extracurricular activities

If you are too shy to approach someone in class, sign up for extracurricular activities. There you will find people who at least share the same hobby, and this is a great common point to begin to forge a bond.

3.Accept invitations

Many other students are in the same situation as you, so it is normal that in the first weeks or even months many events and outings are organized to socialize. Be brave and accept all these invitations. You never know who you can meet.

4.Do not be afraid to lose your old friends

Your friends from school, childhood or neighborhood will continue to be there no matter how much you make new friendships. Keep in touch with them, and who knows, maybe you end up being the link that a new groups to get out of reel.

5.Have patience

Building solid links takes time. In the first weeks you will meet many people, but it will take a while to build true friendships. Be patient and you will see how everything arrives!



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