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5 Moments Where You Deserve To Say ‘NO’ In Life

We are all affected by the “do more and know more” message. We feel guilty when we take a day off. When we sacrifice a friend’s plan to enjoy a moment alone.

We mark our lives according to what we think others expect from us. We want to satisfy them without realizing that sometimes it means to stop satisfying us.

Here are 5 moments where you deserve to say NO, and without feeling guilty.

1. It is OK to say NO to so much exercise

More is better, right? More yoga, more Crossfit, more kms..For NO! Simply enjoy enough to be exercising but enjoying at the same time. Listen to your body and grant it a day of rest.

2. It’s okay to say NO to the party

You love your friends, but sometimes you have to say no to so much party and yes to the sofa. You do not need excuses. What you do need, however, is to say yes to yourself from time to time.

3. It is OK to say NO to opportunities

The opportunity knocks on your door but do you need to open it? Not always.

If you say yes to all the opportunities for fear they will not come any more, let me tell you that the opportunities are unlimited.

4. It’s OK to say NO to the Facebook, Pinterest-Instagram way of life

They were fun at first. Then you start judging yourself. How did it happen? 4 months ago? I did not know what I was thinking when I published that photo” …

Then you realize that real life is not seen through mobiles, it is here, in front of you, waiting for you to enjoy it.

5. It is OK to say NO to the perfect diet

Nobody cares how you are physically except yourself. What do you weigh 10 kg more than last year? It does not matter as long as you’re happy. What weighs 10 kg less? It does not matter as long as you’re happy. That those pants do not fit you anymore? Are you happy with yourself? Well, what else will it be that they do not enter anymore?

If you have a diet to do, let it be the diet of attacks, negative thoughts and ideas towards yourself. You do not need bad feelings! Dieting with them! Of course, being always happy, that is, after all, the only important thing.

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