7 Characteristics Of Resilient People

Resilience is the ability to return to its original shape after being stretched, folded or compressed. It is the ability to recover from adversity.

How could you face it if you just lost everything today? What will be your next step? How long will you be depressed and upset?

What would it take for you to cheer up and start from scratch? How resilient are you? Could you handle it? Could you learn from all your disappointments and start all over again? What would it take?

First, a lot of self-discipline. It would take a lot of positive self-talk (talk to oneself) to gather the energy to start over.

It would take a lot of concentration to block the noise and clutter of all your negative voices trying to reach you, as well as the negative voices of those around you.

It would take a lot of discipline to counteract fear and anxiety with the knowledge that if you got it, you can get it as many times as you want.

Regardless of whether you had much or little to do with those bad moments in your life, your future success has a lot to do with you. It would take a lot of confidence to avoid guilt.

What has happened has happened. What you need is to look forward to your life and start over. Know in your heart and in your mind that you have the skills, talent and strength to do it once more.

Cultivating a resilient character turns failure into success. A resilient person will not give up. A resilient person, despite all the obstacles and setbacks, will keep trying until the end.

In the book Being Resilient, the authors Steven and Sybil Wolin indicate the 7 key characteristics of a resilient person:

1. Resilience requires insight

You need to develop the ability to ask difficult questions and answer honestly. If you had something to do with that hard time in your life, be honest and take responsibility for it.

2. Resilience is independent

As a resilient person, you can count on yourself to recover from the hard times.

3. Even though resilience is independent, it is also linked to others

The more people are under your responsibility, the greater the motivation to start over, the stronger the reason, and the firmer action.

4. Resilience demands initiative

You need to develop the ability to take charge of the situation, take responsibility for the problem. It is necessary to stand up and do whatever it takes to get back on track.

5. Resilience has an element of creativity

Being resilient, you are able to observe situation and creatively determine the best way to carry it. You are undertaking your approach to start over.

6. A resilient person has humor

A sense of humor is so important when life takes a turn. You have to take your goals seriously and you have to take yourself seriously. But sometimes you also have to laugh at yourself and your situation.

7. A resilient person has a great moral sense

Whatever you do to get back on track, make sure it’s ethical. Make sure your next success is in the service, and not at the expense of others. Success, if you want to keep it, must be at the service of others.

The more obstacle you face and overcome, the more times you fail and rise, the more difficult your conquests, the greater resilience capacity you will develop. If you are resilient, there is nothing that can crush you.

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