5 Most Stolen Auto Parts In Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries in the world that has the most problems regarding the theft of vehicles and auto parts.

Among the number of auto parts thefts, there are some that are more appreciated by thieves, either for the ease of removing it from the car or for its value. Among the most stolen auto parts in Kenya are:


The bumber is the part that is in the front or rear of a vehicle, as it is created with the intention of being able to cushion all the effects in the event of a collision; These parts are attached to the bodywork through pressure points, so the theft of these is very easy to carry out.


Headlights are light projectors that serve to illuminate the path of a vehicle at night.


These parts are essential to drive safely, because thanks to these you can look at the approaching cars and everything that happens to the side.


The grill is an opening (real or simulated) in the body of a vehicle, with the original purpose of allowing air to enter. Lovers of others often steal this auto part due to its decorative value.


Stealing these pieces can be a bit more complicated, as the mechanism that attaches them to the front of the car includes a large number of bolts, springs, and nuts.

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