5 Reasons To Study Engineering In Kenya

Identified as one of the careers of the future, Engineering offers hundreds of possibilities in Kenya.

  1. The skills developed by these students make them experts in solving problems
  2. Engineering studies are challenging for students, but upon graduation, they guarantee stable employment.
  3. Indecisive students looking for a job with a future can choose to train in these careers.
  4. The deficit of engineers in the country and in the region makes training in the area an intelligent bet.
  5. When choosing university career, there are different options that students consider to make their decision. Because of prejudices and unfounded knowledge, some careers have been considered for years as a complex and practically unattainable for the bulk of students, an example of this is Engineering.
  6. These prejudices gradually generate complex situations, such as what is currently happening in Argentina and the region, which face a notorious deficit of engineers. In fact, according to a report from the Secretariat of University Policies, in Argentina there are approximately 34,000 students of careers in Social Sciences, Law and Psychology; in front of the 8,300 of Engineering.

The main problem with this deficit is that both the World Economic Forum and the International Labor Organization and analysis of the most prestigious consultancies in the world have identified Engineering as one of the careers of the future.

That is, an essential area to face the imminent automation processes around the world.

Without these professionals, the countries will not be able to digitize and advance, and their companies will be relegated to the world market. Therefore, for undecided students, training in engineering careers is a true bet for the future.

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