5 Recurring Mistakes We Make While Job Hunting

Looking for a job is a situation of great stress and anxiety, especially when we have not prepared properly and do not take into account that everything starts from the moment we present our curriculum vitae in the company we want to work.

Check out some of  these keys to get the desired job.

1. Writing and spelling errors.

The curriculum vitae is our cover letter and a powerful tool for job search. A CV with spelling or writing errors will speak badly of the candidate’s interest and the recruiter will associate these oversights with a poor attitude and performance.

2. Little preparation in the job interview.

There are candidates who answers poorly to recruiters’ questions. Before going to a job interview, you must prepare to face your questions. It is important that you have clear all the achievements during your career and that you display them as contributions to the organization.

3. Unable to demonstrate experience.

Some applicants have a hard time communicating their experience successfully, both in the CV and in the interviews. To face an interview well it is important to be clear about the competencies we have and the knowledge required for the position to which we apply.

4. Lying in work experience.

It is essential not to hide important information about our work experience. We must be transparent to avoid awkward situations with potential employers because, in the long run, they harm our chances of being selected.

5. Talk badly about your former employer.

During the job interview this is a serious mistake. Recruiters do not want to hire these types of people because nothing guarantees that, in the future, this applicant will not speak badly about your company. It is advisable to highlight the favorable aspects of all past experiences, which positively contributes to our professional image.

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