Top 20 Best Extra County Schools In Kenya

Secondary Schools in Kenya are divided in 5 major classes

1.National schools

2.Extra County Schools

3.County Schools

4.Sub-county schools

5.Day Schools

The preference of the secondary schools by learners is normally done in the same arrangement from the top.

However, very few student usually get such precious calls to study in them

During the new era of administration, many formerly known as provincial schools were converted to Extra county schools while some regional schools were upgraded to county school status.

Here is a list of top extra county schools in Kenya

Top 20 best Extra county boys’ schools in Kenya

1.Molo Academy,

2.St Anthony’s Boys Kitale,

3.St Joseph’s Rapogi secondary school

,4.Agoro Sare High school,

5.Kanyawanga Secondary school,

6.Litein High school,

7.Barding secondary,

8.Nyangwa boys high school,

9.Meteitei Boys Secondary,

10.Nyang’ori Boys High School,

11.Njiiri school,

12.Thome Boys Secondary,

13.St. Peters Mumias Boys High,

14.Nyeri High School,

15.Upper hill School,

16.St Mary’s school Yala,

17.Nguviu Boys High,

18.Ramba Boys High and

19.Orero Boys.

20.Ambira Boys

Top 20 best Extra county girls’ schools in Kenya:

1.Precious Blood Girls High School – Riruta,

2.St Francis Rang’ala Girls,

3.Moi Tea Girls Secondary School,

4.Mary Mount Secondary School,

5.Precious Blood Secondary School,

6.Moi Girls High School- Nairobi,

7.Moi Siongiroi Girls High,

8.Kyeni Girls High School,

9.Bahati Girls Secondary School- Nakuru,

10.South Tetu Girls High School,

11.Mahiga Girls Secondary School,

12.St Charles Lwanga Ichuni Girls,

13.Sing’ore Girls High School,

14.Metkei High,

15.Naivasha Girls,

16.Kapsabet Girls High School,

17.Buru Buru Girls,

18.St. Clare Girls- Nakuru

19.Ukwala Girls

20.Ngiya Girls

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