5 Signs A Shy Girl Can Use To Spot A Man With Interest

There is no more direct way to know if a man likes you than to ask directly, but if you are a shy person there are other signs that can help you discover if that person is interested in you.

Next, we tell you 5 signals that you can detect:

1.- He is attentive

When there is interest, that person will try to be more attentive to you, be more aware of what you say and do and even look for any excuse to give you a detail.


The coincidences do not usually happen very often, therefore, if you always see the same person coincides with you in all meetings is that he is doing everything possible to be in most places where you are.


He uses any excuse to talk to you, likewise, he will remember even the smallest detail of the last conversation they had.

4.- Look at your mouth

One of the most obvious signs is that the person looks at your mouth, whether they are talking or not. So you can realize that they like you and want to give you a kiss.

5.- Natural humor

If you enjoy your company, this person will look happy and smiling. This includes some nervous laughs and flirtatious look.

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