5 Situations Of Romantic Movies That Will Never Happen To You In Reality

We can blame Hollywood for the high expectations regarding couple relationships. It is to watch a romantic movie and give yourself the downturn because you have never had a similar love in life and because you suspect you will never have it.

Logically, your relationship suffers because that useless that you have the sofa does not resemble any of the protagonists of the movies.

The expectations that romantic cinema creates

The message of the romantic films goes deep inside our mind and there is an important mismatch with our love reality. But while your partner could take a note and have some detail on a good day, the real culprit is the cinema, which makes us believe that sometimes such things happen. And no, they don’t happen.

1 Declarations of love.

Your boyfriend loves you madly and there are days that he even tells you. But do not expect a Christmas to go to your parents’ house to declare silently with huge posters that say everything they feel for you. And you there at the dead door of love. It will never happen.

2 Bad guys

In the movies, the bad guy becomes almost an adorable saint whom you will love forever and ever. He is able to stop drugs, the bad life and his faith unfaithful all for love. And love for you. But the reality is that if you meet a bad guy in your life, it will remain bad for ever and ever and will make your life impossible.

3 The blue prince.

The Cinderella story has done a lot of damage in the minds of girls and women who are convinced that one day their blue prince has to appear to rescue them from an unhappy life. There are no princes, neither are blue and no toad is in a position to rescue you from anything.

4 Storm and wedding.

The situation is most frequent in the movies and the first part also corresponds to real life. A couple with a relationship full of problems, a stormy relationship that seems to end up like the rosary of the dawn but that by the work and grace of the writers ends in a happy wedding.

Remember that you do not have the same screenwriter and that if you are in a toxic relationship the last thing you should think about is a wedding.

5 The protagonist.

In the movies the protagonist always stays with the most charming boy who is also the most handsome. A thousand disasters can occur around you, you can take plans to the other side of the world, stop trains or even cancel weddings at the last moment, all for the love of the protagonist. Remember that in your real life you are not always the protagonist.

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