How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time

Do you know that kisses are instinctive? We tell you if you’re worried about how to kiss a boy for the first time.

It is normal for you to get nervous, it is normal for you to doubt whether you will do it right or wrong, whether you will like it or not, because the first kiss in a relationship always marks.

But don’t worry too much, because if you do it from the heart, if that first kiss is born from within, your own body will know how to do it.

And for your peace of mind, we leave you some tricks so that kissing that boy for the first time is a perfect moment.

How to give the first kiss

You like that guy, you like him a lot, and you are thinking about taking the initiative and being the one to give that first kiss that will mark the beginning of your relationship.

Are you ready? Nervous too, but prepared you are sure.

 You have to be alone, so make an appointment without friends around.

If you already like it and are looking forward to giving it the first kiss, it is surely not your first date, so at least you have the advantage that you can forget about those nerves.

 A few laughs before the first kiss help relax the muscles and nerves.

You can also try some confidences or an accomplice talk. And hold hands because you almost stumble, for example.

 Let’s go to the moment.

You are talking very much together, you are smiling for something he has said or for something you have said. You are so close that it is the perfect time to put your lips together and give you a movie kiss. But wait!

 What did you eat a few hours ago?

 Make sure you don’t eat anything spicy, with garlic or a strong flavor. And just in case, take a peppermint candy to forget about insecurities. Yes now

 Bring your lips half open to his, close your eyes and feel the contact.

 If you are not very experienced in giving kisses, do not worry, because you already know that kissing is an almost instinctive act.

 Tilt your head a little so that your lips can do by themselves without the obstacle of the nose.

And in that moment you will see how the kiss begins to act on its own.

 With tongue or no tongue? It is the main debate when you give the first kiss.

You do not have to decide now, let yourself go for the moment and if a passionate kiss arises, then so much the better.

 The first kiss does not have to last long.

 Five seconds is enough to take your breath away, separate your lips, look into your eyes and return for the second kiss that will surely last much longer.

Places to kiss a boy for the first time

But where to do it? We refer to the first kiss. For keeping that kiss as the memory of a beautiful love story, you better choose the right place.

Even if you are not overwhelmed if you are born to give him the first kiss anywhere, anytime. When we talk about kisses, we also talk about feelings and it is better to get carried away.

The best places to give an unforgettable kiss are public places but without many people around. A park bench in the fall, for example, the car itself or the back row of the cinema. Be careful, we’re talking only about kisses. No need to go to more.

But the best place, without a doubt, and the one that will make that boy want to kiss you again is at the door of the house. At the time of parting give him a fleeting kiss with his lips closed, turn around and walk towards your door a few steps. Come back quickly and give that first kiss while you put

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