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5 Steps To Start A Business Without Quiting Your Job

We present 5 steps you must follow to start a business without leaving your current job,

  1. The idea

The first step is to have a business idea that matches your knowledge and the things you enjoy doing on a daily basis.

It is important that you find strengths, such as levels of study or areas of expertise, compared to other people or companies.

  1. Talk about concepts

The next step is to talk to your family, friends, teachers and potential investors who can help you define a concept for your business.

The help of the people around you will allow you to have a better definition of what you really want to undertake.

  1. Be clear

Do not be afraid to expose your best business idea. Remember that there are people who can also have a similar project and the opinion of others is necessary to make it better.

So be clear with the people you talk to and get feedback on your project.

  1. Make a cheap prototype

Use model that allows you to show how your ideas work. This step can be done in just one day.

For example, if you want to make an application, you can use a few sheets to materialize your ideas in a document without having to go through the programming step.

  1. Choose the capital

Entrepreneurship does not necessarily depend on money, but also on ideas. You can start as an advisor in a project and in return receive shares of the firm or start a company based on an idea and your knowledge.


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