5 Techniques To Use If You Are A Slow Learner

Does the class end and you feel that you have not been able to retain anything? Learn some tips that will help you when the class goes very fast

Part of the adaptation to your new life as a university student is to understand that classes have a different rhythm than in high school.

The contents tend to be larger, and therefore, teachers must cover several subjects in a single class.

If you feel that when you leave the classroom you have not managed to retain anything, do not worry. There are some techniques that you can adopt to get used to the “flash” teachers.

1.Learn to detect the central theme

All classes have a central theme on which the rest of the contents are developed. Normally the teacher will say it at the beginning of the hour, so be careful and learn to detect it.

2.Develop a system of notes

Taking notes is essential for knowledge to be recorded in your memory. However, you must develop a good note-taking system that allows you to grasp the essentials and not distract yourself.

3.Do not write down everything

Following in line with the previous point, if you try to write down everything the teacher says literally, you will be totally lost. Capture the central ideas and be synthetic with what you write.

4.Create a group of studies

This alternative is not for everyone, but if you see that the subject is difficult for you, you can try to put together a group of studies with some of your classmates. Try to choose people with whom you have academic and personal affinity.

5.Talk to your teacher

Finally, if none of the above works, you always have the chance to talk to your teacher and raise the problem. This does not mean a conflict, he will simply thank you for the contribution and appreciate that you are making an effort to understand and improve

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