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5 Technology Habits That Destroy Relationships

Technology with no doubt, it adds flavor to any kind of relationship, it is infact the main source of communication and entertainment for couples, but on the negative side, it can make and break if not properly utilized.

Here are 5 things to watch out for in technology when you are with your soulmate

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1.Blue Sticks

They are so common on WhatsApp, whether you put them off or on, one thing likely to happen is a possibility of breaking your relationship. You either put them on and adopt read reply mode.

2.Google Maps

They show your location, sometimes it can be so taunting when you want even little privacy from your soul mate, but uploading your location ruins it, and that’s all for you


Going behind your mate to dig deep for the past can actually affect your status quo despite the kind of love you got, you better forget and forgo for future

4.Personal Interests on Phone

Googling about football interests for a man, or just looking for latest trends in fashion and gossips for a lady, they can be the breaking point for you, they lead the first point of separation due to desertion

5.Which channel To Watch

Men like so much to do with soccer, and so are ladies when it come to soap operas, a simple argument can turn vicious on such a case especially when you got unsettled issues.

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