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5 Temptations DJ Mo Took Size 8 Through Before Marriage

If you are a man, you should get a wife before a car. Because when you get the latter before the wife, the wife will go if the car disappears.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

DJ MO, with all the fame and glory  sandwiched with money found himself between a hard rock and a mountain when he wanted to marry Size 8.

Being in that status, it was hard to tell who wanted his money, fame, glory or his heart.

So he decided to play hide and seek with Size 8’s personality!

DJ Mo, talking to the PULSE magazine narrated the following temptations

1st Temptation

DJ Mo relocated to a filthy Nairobi estate, Githurai 44, an outskirt city demonited by crime and leaking sewage. He wanted to see if she could run away if all the status came down crumpling. But She did not, she passed well as he says

“When I knew I wanted to settle down I moved to a house in Githurai 44, somewhere ‘funny’ near Zimmerman.” And he invited her over for a visit one day when she had reached ‘baller-status’ working with Safaricom and lived in a 35,000 Kshs house in South B.

“She used to have a Toyota Celia , had a driver and when she came she would wear a hood, ruka mtaro then come.” He revealed.

2nd Temptation

He decided to runsack his own house and mess around with all the items, whwn she came, she was welcommed by smelly socks and unwashed dishes. Did she manage?

“The DJ Mo in the house was different from DJ Mo on TV,” adding that , “She cleaned my house and in the evening she said don’t worry .”

3rd Temptation

DJ Mo delayed buying a car, despite the fact that he had money to buy a nice sleek car. He wanted to see if she could date a man without a car whole heartedly.

He used to commute from his house to his TV shows, something that Size 8 never minded.

4th Temptation

He asked Size 8 for money, not because he was broke, but wanted to see if she was the type of chicks who always say ‘Nibuyie’ and ‘Niloan nitakurefund kesho’.

He affirms that Size 8 was able to dish to him some good cash he needed

5th Temptation

Size 8 had never heard of Kibandski for long , but on dating DJ MO, she was taken back to a Kibanda, where they ate some of the Kibanda menus such as Chapati Madondo.

It is from the last test that DJ MO learned that Linet was in love with Samuel Muraya not the DJ Mo on screen.

Hence, Size 8 became Linet Muraya!

He advises young men who are aspiring to marry their loved one to take them through tests, which he believes helps a man to understand the kind of the lady she is going to live with her for the rest of her life.

“If you love this woman and she loves you there are those exams utampitishia and they will pass automatically. If someone is there for your wealth you will know.” He said.

Story Courtesy of Pulse Live







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