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5 Things That Really Smart People Do

In life, we are always learning. However, few people are truly intelligent, which does not always mean having good exam scores or a high IQ. It is a whole way of acting, a set of beliefs; practically a lifestyle.

Get to know 5 things that truly intelligent people do:

1- Open ears

The smart people hear that inner voice that we are constantly alert to the “ifs” and gives us contradictory arguments to deepen the thought.

If our inner voice does not allow us to hear the other, we may miss the opportunity to learn a good lesson. This is because we are more concerned with listening to our ideas and our desires, rather than listening to each other.

2- Argue with themselves

The smart people are always arguing with themselves because they are always learning new things, have new opinions and therefore are in an eternal process of cognitive processing and opinionated. The intelligent practice the art of rhetoric and discussion with the best person in the world: themselves.

3- They are curious

Smart people are curious by nature. The curious are thirsty for knowledge, want to explore the unknown and conquer wisdom at all costs.

4- Do not have fixed theories

The truly intelligent people are humble enough to not have to match any pre-established prejudice, any theory, expectation or any fixed idea. As already mentioned in point 2, as they spend their lives discussing with themselves, they also spend their lives changing their vision and perspective. These people know that the more you know, the less you know. Therefore, they see no sense in keeping theories or concepts crystallized in their minds.

5- Focus on the message and not on the sender

Mediocre people evaluate in advance whether or not they will listen to their interlocutor, while intelligent people listen to everyone, as they recognize that everyone has something to teach.

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