5 Things Women Don’t Like Men To Do During Intimacy

The sex is a moment of great passion and adrenaline. It is that moment in which the couple becomes one and they transmit everything they feel for the other through kisses and caresses.

However, sometimes men inadvertently do some things that could make their partner no longer want to continue with the moment.

1.- Be aware of the cell phone

The cell phone is a very necessary technological device in the life of any person, but continuing to check it while you are having a burning moment with your partner is unbearable for any woman.

2.- Fall asleep

Women understand that you may be tired, but if so, do not start anything. It is very frustrating not to end such meetings.

3.- Talk a lot

Communication is very important in a relationship, but talking while making love with your partner is not a good idea.

4.- Not having the condom ready

Waiting at the moment of penetration to look for a condom is something that many women can take away.

5.- Distract watching TV

Getting carried away at the moment, but not being 100% focused on watching TV is something that can cause a guy with his crush a lot of trouble.

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