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5 Tools To Create A Website Without Programming

Do you want to have your own website but don’t know where to start? Get to know 5 platforms so that you can create a web page completely and free of charge, without the need to program.

For those who aim to be an entrepreneur, for example, having a page that is visually attractive and easy to navigate will be very important to obtain good results.

Most offer a Premium (paid) version and a basic free option, with a large number of templates and features that allow you to create interactive websites.


Templated offers a collection of 846 free HTML5 and CSS templates that you can download without limit. All are made available under a Creative Commons license, that is, you can use and modify them even on a commercial level, as long as the credits are visible.

You may think that due to this number of free models, they may not be aesthetically appealing or have programming errors, but you will be surprised by their efficiency.


You can also try this platform that works in a similar way to the previous one, with templates to create web pages in HTML5 and CSS3 completely customizable and that also use the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Again, you only have to respect the credit, which must be visible, and you can use the models wherever you want. This site does not offer as many options as the previous one, but its selection is impeccable.

Squarespace Logo

From this platform you can easily create a logo for your brand or project. It may happen that you cannot achieve everything you have in mind, but it is better than a logo made in a font like Comic Sans.

On this website, you only need to write the name of the logo and then, in an editor, add the image and caption, if you wish. The logo can be downloaded in low resolution (400×400) for free.


Withoomph is another site for creating logos automatically. All you need to do is write the brand name and some keywords to describe what the project is. The tool randomly generates combinations depending on what you wrote and offers a selection of logos you can download for free.

There are extra options for customizing colors and typography, nothing spectacular, but with a lot of patience you can achieve a good result.


It is a powerful tool for anyone, without having to have any knowledge of design or programming. With this tool, it is possible to create a website easily and quickly.

You can sign up for free or login with Facebook. To start, just choose a pre-established template, edit and create the page. There are several possibilities to customize the model, but with some limits so that the process does not become too complex.

Any of these tools will allow you to easily create your own website, with a professional aesthetic.

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