5 Trends Singapore Is Setting In Education, Which Are Cheap For Kenya To Implement

One of Asia’s economic giant Singapore has been constantly been compared to Kenya because, Singapore overtook Kenya economically.

This means that Kenya is not where it is supposed to be, thus we must pull up our socks and up our game.

In the education sector, Singapore is always setting up the trend, and here is what they are now doing that could benefit Kenyan schools

  1. Singapore will abolish comparing students with their exam positions and rather seek to help students work on their on themselves
  2. Kids 6-8 years old will be exempted from exams all through their years
  3. The schools will also abolish mid year exams, so as to allow student have more time on their studies
  4. Awarding marks will also be removed so as to allow students to engage ideas that solve problems
  5. Singapore is also introducing soft skills for future in early classes, as away of preparing students for future jobs


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