5 Apps That Improve The Reader Experience

There is no healthier and more beneficial pastime than reading. First because it enriches us culturally and helps us to express better and, secondly, because it is a very fun activity, which helps to relax.

The mobile applications have made reading even easier. We no longer need to carry heavy books or visit libraries or bookstores in search of news.

These are our recommendations on the best apps for reading:

1 – Goodreads

It is one of the most popular applications and with a very complete service.

From the profile we can:

  • Register our library.
  • Receive recommendations according to what we read.
  • Share opinions with a wide community of readers and writers.
  • Evaluate and comment on our readings.

2 – 24Symbols

It is known as the Spotify of books: it is possible to have a free account or a registration with payment to have access to more books and without advertising.

With a premium account, you will have access to more than 200,000 titles and the cost is around 9 euros per month.

If you are a book eater, it will be very profitable: the monthly fee is what can cost you a single book and, in addition, it will save space at home and the need for more shelves.

It also has social tools to share opinions or see what other users are reading.

3 – Bookmate

The subscription is a little high, around 110 euros a year, but profitable if you consume many books. It offers more than 500,000 books online, classified by literary categories and popularity.

One of the best advantages is that this application loads the complete file to which we access, so you can continue reading later, even though you have no Internet connection.

It also has a large community of users with whom to share interests and consult your favorite works.

4 – Kindle Unlimited

It is the queen of reading in electronic format.

With a fixed monthly fee, you can access more than 700,000 titles. The user has a free 30-day trial to test.

The best thing about this application is that it is not limited to the mobile phone. We can associate the account with up to 6 different devices, be it a Kindle, a PC or a tablet.

5 – Universal Book Reader

It is not the most sophisticated application, but it may be the best solution to access your books and documents in pdf and epub format. It allows many design options that are easy to read. In addition, it offers thousands of titles in up to 9 languages.

The list of applications intended for reading is endless and almost all offer a free subscription and a subscription. If you want to try something new where reading accompanies you anywhere, you can try audiobook applications. If you download books in audio format in other languages, it will also improve your vocabulary and listening comprehension.

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