10 Stephen King’s Advice For Writing

In the curriculum Stephen King has more than 50 novels, all bestsellers, with 350 million copies sold and 30 adaptations of his works for cinema and television.

Who better than a successful author to give advice on writing?

1) Write for yourself, without worrying about the audience

Writing freely and letting thought run is the first rule so that it is possible to arrive at a text with which the author of the writing identifies himself and likes.

Pleasing yourself and not thinking about the audience at the time of writing is the secret. Writing should also be a pleasure. “If you can do it for fun, you can always do it”, stresses Stephen King.

2) The anguish of the blank page

Stephen King explains that one cannot face a blank page easily, but with “nervousness, emotion, hope or even despair, with the feeling that one will never be able to convey what one has in mind and heart”.

The author also adds that anyone who is faced with a blank page may have “fists clenched or eyes half closed”, be ready to “destroy names”, conquer someone or change the world, but should never face this moment “lightly” ”.

3) Do not use passive voice

“Shy writers prefer the passive voice in the same way that shy lovers prefer passive companions. The passive voice conveys security ”. But to grab the reader’s attention this may not be the best option. Stephen King advises writers to take a risk.

4) Don’t get too obsessed with perfect grammar

The object of fiction is not grammatical correction, the most important thing is that readers feel good and that the author is able to tell a story. Reaching others will always be the most important.

5) To be a writer it is necessary to read and write a lot

Stephen King even says that it takes four to six hours to read and write. “Read, read and read”. If you don’t have time to invest in this aspect, you probably won’t have time to be a writer (nor the tools you need).

6) Art supports life

“Place your table in a corner of the room and each time you start writing remember why you are not in the middle of the room. Life is not a support system for art. It’s the other way around, ”says the best-selling author.

7) “Write with the door closed and rewrite with the door open.”

It means that when we are writing we must be focused on ourselves, as if the text were just for us, but then it is necessary to open the doors, let others in and accept constructive criticism to improve the writing work.

8) Don’t be afraid to delete

“Try to write anything you like, no matter how boring, normal or scandalous.” If it works well, great. Otherwise, it is better to withdraw. Sometimes it is difficult to give up paragraphs, ideas, statements, even words that do not actually help and are even inconvenient for the text. Do not be afraid to remove these elements.

9) “Stories can be found anytime and anywhere”.

We don’t need to be refugees in a house by the beach to write or go on a trip to find a reason to write a story. Sometimes the inspiration to write is found in our daily lives, just look at the world carefully and believe that we are able to transmit something to others.

10) Be authentic even though it may seem strange

In the interviews King assumes that he is a strange person, a characteristic that makes him unique. Being able to accept who we are, even if we look like a rare bird, can make us find our way in writing.

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