5 Uses of Google You May Not Know

Many are unaware of all the potential and services that Google can offer.

For academic thesis there are some tools that can help.

Books Ngram

The Google Books Ngram Viewer lets you search for words in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2009, which can be interesting for a variety of analyzes related to the university work or just so you can see how it was changing the vocabulary over time.

Google Scholar

A service that is essential for you to know is Google Scholar, which allows you to search for information that came out in newspapers, magazines and manuals. This is the perfect tool for students and can help a lot with university theses.

Google Trends

For those who work in digital marketing this is one of the main tools used: Google Trends.

If you are studying in this area or if you plan to do so, you should start to understand how everything works in the world of trends on the Internet and what are the main words or expressions searched in the search engine. With this service, you can even find out how a searched word has grown (or decreased) over time.

Did you know that Google has an area for astronomy lovers and another for art lovers?

Google Sky

To discover stars and planets with images provided by NASA’s satellite, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Hubble Telescope there is a Google service where you can easily get lost in the secrets of the universe. For those who like astronomy, Google Sky is a world not to be missed.

Google Arts & Culture

If you like art you also have options. With Google Arts & Culture you can expand your culture and view high-resolution images of great historical moments or paintings through museums and art galleries around the world.

Start using these Google tools today and enrich yourself as a student and as a person. Take advantage of all the potential of the digital age to be more cultured.

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