5 Types Of Intelligences

Learning is the result of the combination of many intelligences that work simultaneously, making people able to understand and retain information.

However, it is normal for there to be a predominance of one type of intelligence over the others, which is one of the reasons that leads a person to be better in a certain school subject.

Next, learn more about some of these intelligences and see which one you identify with most:

1 – Linguistics

People with this profile perform well in areas that use words extensively, through reading and writing. For these students, taking notes on the content learned can be a great way to have good results, since the domains where they are most easily are widely explored.

2 – Logic

In contrast to the first group of students, they have a greater affinity with the numbers and issues that involve logical reasoning. Thus, the best way to study is to create your own codes that make you understand what was explained during classes, mostly stimulating your area of ​​greatest performance.

3 – Musical

Some people learn best when they use music as a means to increase concentration and enhance study. Therefore, if you fit within this profile, you can study creating songs with the main concepts of the subjects and listen to music while studying. However, it is not recommended to listen to songs with lyrics, to avoid losing concentration.

4 – Interpersonal

This type of intelligence shows the ability to learn better and to focus more through contact with other people. Therefore, if you realize that this is your predominant intelligence in your learning process, invest in debates and study groups, as a way to better assimilate the material that will come out in the exams.

5 – Existential

Some people tend to have better test results when they can focus on themselves. Therefore, for these people we suggest good practices such as meditation and determine their positive points, so that they can dedicate themselves better.

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