5 Types Of Mentors You Need In 2021

In the year 2021, you need to assembly your dream team carefully, and ensure that the technical bench is well equipped.

In the shortlist below, there are five kinds of people that should get you started in 2021.

So as you achieve that goal as a team rather than a self toiling project .

Master of craft

This is the top notch guy in line with your profession. To mentor you by helping you the next line as well as brainstorming.

Your champion

This mentor is your cause and talks about you. More like your marketing mentor.

They can be connectors too, introducing you to useful people in your industry.


This is the mentor who helps you in running down your dream and helping you physically when need be.

This mentor will come and walk down with you through tough challenges.


His work is to come in when things don’t work psychologically.

Anchors will be their to work on your mind and emotions

He or she can be a close confidant, who can be a family member or a close relative as well as a friend

Reverse Mentor

Find out someone in your profession and begin to mentor your own mentee.

This will help you grow in your area even much greater

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