5 Ways Education Can Improve Your Life

The education can influence your life in many ways, whether in the personal area or in your career. However, some of these benefits happen in unexpected areas, such as your health and even for your future generations. If you believe that you have no reason to invest in raising your education levels, discover 5 areas in which you can improve your life.


Their life span can increase considerably depending on their training. The higher the degree of formation, as a general rule, the greater the average life expectancy. Higher education people, for example, live up to 5 years longer than those who have not completed secondary education.


For every additional four years in your education you can decrease the risks of a range of illnesses. For every four years of study, the risk of heart disease decreases by 2.2%, the risk of diabetes by 1.3%, the risk of smoking by 12% and the risk of being overweight by 5%.


Each additional year of education represents an increase of at least 11% in your salary. This also means facilitated access to a number of other benefits, such as culture, health and even leisure and consumption. The salary of a person with a doctorate can be up to 3 times higher when compared to a worker with complete secondary education.


You may not see the benefits of education as immediately as you expected, but good levels guarantee benefits even for your future generations. In general terms and worldwide, the more years of education a mother receives, the more chances her children have of surviving and evolving. Worldwide, the death rate for children of women who have not graduated is almost double the rate of women who have completed higher education.


Still following the line of long-term benefits, education can directly influence the performance of your children in their studies. Children who have parents with lower levels of education are less likely to achieve academic success.

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