6 Benefits Being Heartbroken

Having a broken heart burns you inside. Yes, I know, maybe it’s not the best phrase to start, but it’s a great way to describe it.

Getting them to break your heart is not something to aspire to, but I think it’s almost a necessity. At least, that’s the way I see it.

I do not believe that any person can truly love (love) without having lost before in love. It’s not really that hard to break your heart and get hurt and scarred.

The problem is that it does not make sense. Because although it costs you to see it, you can take advantage of having a broken heart. Here are 6 of them:

1. Free from the idea of ​​the perfect story

What you see in the movies and in the stories does not exist. That’s not love.

Love is imperfect, like us. There are laughs, but also arguments. There are passionate looks, but also distancing. There are good times, but also bad days.

You can only enjoy love when you free yourself from its ideal of perfection. Having a broken heart hurts, but it is one of the many things that defines love. It is not pleasant, but it is real, and therefore necessary.

2. It challenged you

When your heart is broken, you just know it. And not because of the way it makes you feel, but because of the challenges it puts before you.

You feel lost and confused. You do not want to do the things you used to love and you have no illusion for anything. And that’s when you can control your life: you let yourself be dragged or you start swimming.

The challenges force to improve and evolve, and this is a challenge more than life is putting you in front of your nose. If you overcome it, you will be stronger than ever.

3. It reminds you who is the one who matters

You do not need to look for your half orange because you are already a whole orange. There is nobody who needs you more than you, nor anyone who should love you more than yourself.

If your happiness depends on others, then it is not yours. That kind of happiness has an expiration date, and it comes when that person disappears from your life.

The good thing is that you will never stop being you, just as he or she will never stop being him or her. Having a broken heart reminds you that nothing is forever, and that in the end, the only person you can completely support is yourself.

4. Teaches you some of the ugliest faces in life

There are 3 things that change you: death, life and the breakup of a couple.

Now it is the pain that occupies the emptiness left by love. And the deeper the love, the deeper the hole and the more pain you need to fill it. And the problem with all this is that the longer you are like this, the more negative you become.

Grief wraps you up. It costs you to smile and go out with friends. Having a broken heart is not something you can get rid of. Not if the love was authentic.

The good news is that you will end up bottoming out – you decide what kind of background – and there, at that precise moment, you will really know what you are made of.

5. It helps you to evolve in your ideas and beliefs

When you find the love of your life everything seems perfect. We feel that the world is exactly as it should be. The grass is greener, the sky more blue and the sun shines more.

But when our relationship crumbles, all that goes to nothing . The world is no longer perfect and you feel stupid for believing that true love exists.

It does not matter what conclusion you reach. What matters is that you are questioning your beliefs about love.

Love is much more complex and complete than you thought. Now it is time to revisit and evolve your concept. In short, get a little closer to the truth.

6. It gives you space for a new love in your life

If there is anything that characterizes above, it is cyclical. It has not originated or end and is constantly repeated.

Today you are devastated to have your heart broken, but someday all those pieces will come together again and you will have your heart again. One bigger and wise. One capable of love without fear or resentment. A heart willing to love, and to be loved.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option”

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