6 Common Drug Combination You Should Never Take

Did you know that there are combinations of medicines dangerous to health?

The mixture of drugs without medical supervision can cause extreme drowsiness, respiratory suppression, coma and even death.

There are potential risks of mixing drugs without medical supervision.

Combinations of dangerous drugs

1. Opioid analgesics and benzodiazepines

Opioid analgesics are powerful analgesics for pain relief, while benzodiazepines are for treating anxiety and insomnia.

Combining them implies serious risks and the possibility of death, because it causes a decrease in the respiratory rate.

2. Opioid analgesics and muscle relaxants

Opioid analgesics and muscle relaxants affect respiratory function and make it difficult. Combined powers their effects and compromise the patient’s life.

3. Anticoagulant and aspirin or ibuprofen

This is another combination of drugs dangerous to health.

Anticoagulants inhibit the formation of clots to prevent bleeding when we have wounds. For its part, aspirin is an anti-inflammatory with antiplatelet action that increases the clotting time.

When combined, their action is enhanced and severe bleeding can occur.

4. Beta-blockers and insulin

Beta-blockers are medicines for blood pressure, when combined with insulin, can potentiate high blood glucose or hypoglycaemia, which is a risk for diabetes.

5. Antiepileptics and antifungals

When antiepileptics are taken and at the same time an antifungal agent, there is a risk that the degradation of one of them in the liver is inhibited.

Antigungics inhibits the metabolism of antiepileptics, which can cause dizziness, drowsiness, mental and motor disorders, amnesia, confusion and lack of muscle control.

6. Gastric protector and other medicines

Medications for the stomach such as omeprazole alters the pH of the stomach, which goes from being more acidic to more alkaline or more neutral.

However, some medications require the stomach to be somewhat acidic to absorb properly.

In people who take omeprazole and at the same time another drug, the absorption of the second drug can be difficult, causing it to not exercise its action correctly.

Therefore, it is very important that you do not self-medicate and that you always consult your doctor before taking a medication, especially if you are under treatment.

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