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6 Hobbies That Help You Develop Intelligence

This time we will teach you 6 hobbies that you can practice to increase your intelligence.

These are simple activities, and many of them are daily, that have a positive influence on your brain and favor its functioning. I kept reading and I know what they are!

Play a musical instrument

In addition to increasing creativity and fine motor skills, making music strengthens the corpus callosum that unites the hemispheres of the brain by creating new connections. As a result, it improves executive skills, memory, and the ability to solve problems.


Reading reduces stress and also increases the three types of intelligence: crystallized intelligence, the ability to use skills, knowledge and experience; fluid intelligence, the ability to think logically and solve problems in situations independently of the knowledge acquired; and emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize one’s own and others’ emotions and use that information to guide thought and behavior.

Train regularly

Exercise not only have consequences on a physical level, but also mentally. When you exercise, the cells create FNDC, known as “neurotrophic factor derived from the brain”, to protein that collaborates with memory, learning, attention and understanding. A tip: try that your exercise sessions are not sporadic, but regular.

Learn a new language

Learning languages ​​speeds up your reasoning and enables your brain to execute mentally demanding tasks successfully, for example, planning and problem solving.

Increase your information retention capacity

When we study for an exam at the last moment, we usually prioritize memorization, that is, we focus on gathering as much information as possible to use it in the short term and we end up forgetting it quickly. It is clear that it is not the best option, instead, we should bet on cumulative knowledge.


One of the main benefits of meditation is the ability to control our own brain waves and feel what we want to feel whenever we want. This means, for example, that if before an important meeting we meditate and focus on looking strong and confident, we will probably achieve it.

This conclusion is clear from a scientific study published in PNAS that had the participation of nothing more and nothing less than the guru and spiritual leader, Dalai Lama.

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