6 Movies Every Student Should Watch Before Graduation

Netflix is ​​known for offering movie and series options that you can enjoy online at the time you prefer, but also has interesting documentaries of multiple themes.

You will find from biographies of personalities, issues of social problems such as migration and drug trafficking, numerous productions about nature and its impressive grandeur, health issues, among others.

Here we share a short list with some of these documentaries that in addition to giving you a pleasant time of entertainment, will allow you to learn a lot of the world and yourself.

  1. Mental games

Director: Jerry Kolbery, Bill Margol

This documentary has several episodes and focuses on demonstrating how our mind can deceive us through what we perceive through the senses.

Above all it exposes how with a broad knowledge of the mind this can be easily mastered. In each episode there is an audience that is subjected to some mental test in which it can be verified that our mind is not totally focused on the activities we perform, and because of this, we can be easily deceived.

  1. Not so obvious

Production of NatGeo

Not so obvious is a television program, more than a documentary, and already has two seasons in which his driver Tim Shaw is responsible for implementing some scientific experiments with ordinary people in the streets of the United States.

In this way he gets people involved with science and asks them what they think the result might be if he performs an experiment.

It is very interesting to see how it surprises the spectators with unexpected findings and at the same time teaches them new knowledge. Physics is the main field of knowledge that Shaw explores in each episode.

  1. Imax: Hubble 3D

Direction: Tony Myers

On Netflix you can find different video options to contemplate the Earth and its nature, but certainly not like this documentary.

It is a set of videos that show a trip in outer space. The images were compiled in several space missions of the Hubble Space Telescope, which is currently orbiting space.

This documentary gives you 43 minutes that will leave you impressed to understand the smallness of our planet in the great universe of galaxies that exist out there.

  1. The Code

BBC Production

If you are one of those who enjoy solving riddles and you always look for an explanation or a logical reasoning, you will surely want to see this BBC documentary series.

Some scientists and mathematicians consider that absolutely everything in our life is defined by a mysterious numerical code, which they intend to discover.

Thus, in each episode they are concerned with explaining various social and cultural phenomena that have their origin in a numerical code that is often followed even without being aware of it.

The most striking feature of this series is that it makes you think of all the things we could know about our future if we have mastered this numerical code. Do you dare to decipher it?

  1. The beginning of life

Direction: Estela Renner

This documentary was recorded in several countries in America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and will show you interesting examples and analyzes that demonstrate how important and crucial the first years of life are for a human being to achieve success in his life. It is not about secrets of how to make money or magic formulas that will tell you how to develop a business.

What is more surprising is that what really makes the difference in early childhood is the affective environment of the children, that is, if they grow up in environments that made them feel loved and protected. It’s worth taking the time to watch this documentary film and see that the most powerful things go beyond money.

  1. The Secret Life of Babies

BBC Production

Perhaps you have ever wondered how you perceived or understood things when you were a baby, or when you see a baby crying or laughing you want to know what goes through your mind or what it feels like.

This documentary will give you very interesting information about how human beings begin to experience the senses in childhood.

You will even discover that these fragile beings in turn are extremely strong and through scientific explanations mixed with some funny images of children you will be able to better understand the gestures and actions of the babies.

Like these, you will find many more documentaries on Netflix that will show you better the world we live in and at the same time you will learn to value it more.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn in an entertaining and fun way that makes you expand your mentality and question what we sometimes take for granted or have never asked ourselves.

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