6 Movies That Will Make You A Better Person

Can cinema change people?

Definitely. These 6 films, without them pretending it, invited me to want to be a better person. Enjoy them.

1. Mississippi burns

It is set in the USA in the 60s, in full racial struggle. When the voices of black leaders began to excel asking for equality and justice and society was split in two.

One sentence: “The only way bad guys win is for good guys to do nothing”.

2. Before the rain

Before the rain are 3 independent stories and very different from each other that are related by different events.

The film begins and ends in the same place, giving the feeling that history repeats itself. And in turn narrating the infinite violence that does not seem to cease.

More than what the film tells, it is what it transmits. It is difficult for me to express it with words. It is not a common movie. And his way of telling it either. I want to think that’s the reason why I find it difficult to talk about her.

A phrase: “Time never dies, the circle is never completed”.

3. The Mission

Hispanic America Century XVIII. Slavery, religion, tribal evangelization, betrayal, regrets, search for meaning in life. This film is a humanitarian masterpiece.

I cannot describe it or summarize it in 4 or 5 lines. We have to watch it. You have to experience what happens in this story to know why is number 3 on my list.

A phrase: “If force is what is worth, there is no place for love in the world”.

4. A talking movie

The story tells the story of a Portuguese woman’s trip to meet her husband and his daughter’s journey and everything they go through. The dialogue is brilliant. A mix of information and sublime reflection.

One sentence: “Women should rule the world and cure it of all its ancient and modern diseases.” Starting with the language problem, originated in Babel. “

5. The Emperors Club

This movie marked a before and after in my attitude towards life. And that I saw by chance, a day on television. Since then we have not separated. I remember when I had doubts in my university years.

When I questioned what she was doing, she, almost without realizing it, came to my memory to remind me that I am the one that marks my path. And that road will take me where I want to take me.

A phrase: “With learning you can change the character of a boy and thus the destiny of a man.”

6. Secrets and Lies

It is a film that tells the story of a girl who has lost her adoptive parents and decides to look for her biological mother. Do not count things as most people would like to hear. Tell things as they are. That’s why it’s on my list.

A phrase: “Secrets and lies.” “We are all suffering.” “I have spent my whole life trying to make people happy … and the three people. the middle! I can not stand it anymore! “

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