6 Photos Of Linda Nyangweso Strutting Her Massive Curves In Baby Dresses

With the advancement of social media, we can expect good and bad in the same breath.

Even though it helps stay connect without relative to distance, social media is also a source of humiliation to our modern life.

With less or no specific laws guiding the conduct and ethics of social media in Kenya, bullies get a field day and one of the most affected people in Kenya are plus-size bodies.

Social media body ‘shammers’ have caused havoc and huge psychological negative effects on Kenyans, especially celebs. leading many of them to live in fear and shame.

However, there is a section of plus-size celebs in Kenya who are just proud of their huge bodies, and they never disappoint when it comes to showing off their extra kilos off the show

As they say, let what other people say about you not affect you, but build yourself from inside you.

Be inspired by these photos of Radio Host Linda Nyangweso flashing off her well toned massive curves

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