Diana Marua’s Old Dirty Linen Washed In Public In Another Sex Scandal

Milele Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has been exposed as a cheating married man.

Alex and his wife whom they have two kids

Edgar Obare who laid bare for his co-host Jalang’o has come baying for the blood of the supposed innocent man.

Alex Mwakideu who is married with kids, has been accused of sleeping around with ladies, among them Irene Barungi.

The relationship between Alex and Irene has been long because the two managed to keep things under the carpet as much as they could.

But Edgar has exposed them, and with key screenshots from their chats.

However, their is also a familiar face in the first and second expose of Edgar Obare, and is Bahati’s wife Diana Marua.

Diana’s past and company seems to be stinking, despite her public white linen.

Diana was greatly featured in the Jalang’o boys club who were largely hit-n-run sex pests


Diana Marua spotted with sex-for-money girls for the second time

Another hit-n-run sex boys club featuring a new celeb, Mark Maasai, NTV host

Jalang’o , Mwakideu and side-dish Irene

Mwakideu screenshots asking for sex openly

A concerned fan warning Irene that Mwakideu was a sex pest

Photos of Irene, Mwakideu’s side-dish

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