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6 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

Do you feel comfortable sleeping with clothes? To be able to rest at night the clothes that we sleep with says a lot and is that even if you do not believe that sleeping naked have many benefits, even more than what to pajama can provide.

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Reasons why you should sleep naked

Some people like to sleep in pajamas, short, babydoll, in underwear, but very few sleep naked, and there are different factors why we do not sleep in this way, but in sum├ę we will tell you why it is better to sleep naked

1 Perfect rest

Let’s start with the basics and what we all care more about, rest well. Is that by sleeping without clothes and without too many blankets we let our body find the right temperature until getting deep sleep.

Having a deep sleep is fundamental because it is the consolidation of the memory and the production of the hormone growth, and it is important for the repair and cell growth.

2 Reduces stress

When we sleep we reduce stress, as long as we sleep well, however sleep expert Neil Robinson, sleeping naked “helps reduce the production of cortisol, increases the secretion of growth hormone and balances melatonin, which helps reduce Stress levels.”

3 Avoid female infections

In the case of women sleeping naked will help to prevent the development of vaginal fungal infections such as candidiasis.

According to the gynecologist at St George’s Hospital in London, Austin Ugwumadu, fungi love closed and warm environments, “so it is advisable to wear loose clothing or preferably carry anything at all.”

4 Increase fertility

Sleeping nude for men also has benefits, since several studies show that men who sleep naked reduces on average by 25% the fragmentation of sperm DNA, compared to those who sleep dressed, or those who wear tight underpants during the day.

5 Happy couples

Anyone happy to sleep naked with his beloved, however a study, 57% of people who sleep without clothes claim to be happy, while only 48% of couples who sleep in their pajamas ensure a satisfactory relationship.

6 Improve your sex life

That’s right, by sleeping naked with someone, oxytocin levels are increased to what we know as the hormone, which will increase the desire to have sex. Denise Knowles, sexual therapist comments that “sleeping naked is a good strategy for people with body image problems.”


You know, now get rid of all your pajamas and start sleeping naked, your body and your partner will thank you.

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