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6 Things You Must Do If You Want to Be Married In 2022

Getting married is the best feeling one can feel in his or her entire life, but being married to the wrong person can screw up your entire life.

However, what you do before you get married, determines how and how long your marriage will last.

We have some awesome 6 things to do so as to keep your marriage intact and last longer for your entire life

  1. Seek to know and under God, dedicate your life to the Holy Spirit before saving it for someone else
  2. Look for someone around the corner, if not , find someone and get to know each other besides love and affection
  3. Stop looking for the perfect match, but rather someone with a big heart and caring enough for your love
  4. Find someone whom you share the same interests and likes with you. Make it common and ordinary things we can relate in life
  5. Focus on helping others, helping others reorients your entire life and instills compassion in your lives
  6. Don’t benchmark your relationship social media, but seek the right teachings from the Bible

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