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Relationships Advice

6 Ways To Avoid Being Heartbroken In A Relationship

Even though being heartbroken in a relationship is the most painfull thing one can experience in life, ending a relationship does not come as a new thing, or rather it is not the last one could experience

To avoid falling in such kind of a situation, Fred Kiiru, a relationship author points out these points to be noted during a relationship

  1. Not all relationships must lead to marriage.
    Some relationships are for a reason, others are for a season only few are for a life time. If it doesn’t work out don’t kill yourself because it was for something. Discover the purpose and move on.
  2. Don’t give a man or a woman the totality of your heart before giving the totality of your heart to God. Love that person but put God first.
  3. Don’t get carried away with beauty or money, if that person’s inner person cannot keep you, his money or her beauty cannot either.
  4. Love is never enough, understanding, compatibility, wisdom, patience and tolerance are equally important.
  5. When the negative signs are more than the positive signs. It is better to withdraw your heart before it gets ‘broken’.
  6. Extreme jealousy is the quickest way to break that relationship.
    All the best in your relationship

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