6 Ways To Start A Business With Small Money

One of the main problems of entrepreneurs is the lack of money to start a business.

This is a great obstacle when it is just beginning, however, with intelligence, perseverance and dedication you can open and maintain your own business

Because it is not only a way to earn money, but also a way to achieve your dreams.

5 alternatives to start a business with low resources.

1.Internet business

Create a virtual store to promote and sell your products, this could be a good option and save you the rent of a local, since you could simply enable a space in your house to store the merchandise.

  1. Join an established business

Another option to start with little money is to associate with the owner of an established business.

The idea is that as a member of a consolidated venture, invest a certain amount and acquire a percentage of the profits according to the investment and the work or functions you perform.

  1. Home-based business

If you are starting, it may be necessary to reduce costs. If possible, avoid renting a place for your business and enable a place in your own home.

Even if your home is not located in a strategic site to attract customers, with good promotion and service people could arrive.

  1. Sell to other businesses as if you were a supplier

Before having a business with a place to offer your products or services, you could start with a venture where you can sell wholesale to other businesses.

For example, if it is a hotel, sell desserts, that you can then offer to your audience.

This business model avoids having to buy or rent a place, since the products would be sold to other businesses that are then responsible for offering them to the public.

  1. Look for financing

You could borrow money from family, friends, banks or financial institutions. Another alternative is to find a partner that invests and works with you, looking for an investor who only contributes money, or participates in contests about business projects.

  1. Rent instead of buying

If you require machinery or equipment to move your business forward, it would be more appropriate to rent them until you have more liquidity and count on your own tools.

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