6 Ways To Tell Your Parents You Are Going To Live With Your Fiancé

That a couple’s relationship goes through different stages is something your parents also know. If you have a boyfriend, the safest thing is that one day you leave the parked appointments to start living together, and they should know it too.

But it may not be easy for them to get used to the idea.

 It is the million dollar question and we will try to give you an answer.

The normal thing would be that you did not have to ask yourself that question. Because you are an adult and independent woman capable of making decisions without the consent of your parents.

 But you do not want them to be upset, disappointed or even angry, right? Because it is true that your family may have something to object to your coexistence with your partner.

1. If your boyfriend does not like that, if your parents believe that you are in a toxic relationship, that you are not mature enough or that you are not prepared to take the step of coexistence, you can take the fatal news.

2. If you still live with your parents, they will have the natural vertigo to have their daughter leave home and suffer from the empty nest syndrome. Prepare to listen to all kinds of opinions regarding your decision.

3. If your parents are conservative and religious people can take an affront the fact that you go to live with your boyfriend without going through the altar. Remember that your life has been lived by you.

4. There are other factors that complicate your life when it comes to breaking the news. If it’s going to live in another city, if you do not even know your boyfriend, if you’re going through a delicate family time, if your parents are not enough to have your own life or if you just met that person it’s of a hasty and impulsive decision, are just some examples.

But in all cases you can bridge the gap between your parents’ opinion and yours.

How to tell your parents that you become independent with your partner

And when do you tell them? You can communicate the news that you are going to live with your boyfriend in the middle of Christmas Eve dinner, with your parents, sisters, cousins, aunts and other families awaiting every detail and avid for family wars. But maybe it’s not the best time.

1. It is better to meet your parents alone. Without your boyfriend. Have a quiet talk, in a place where they feel comfortable and tell them first. You’ll take care of the rest of your family later on.

2. Let your parents know that it is a decision already made, that you are not seeking approval, but that you can have a quiet opinion about the matter. All this with tact and without stridencies.

3. Listen to them if they participate in the communication, if they give you reasoned reasons why they do not want you to go and live with your boyfriend. Listen to them, but that does not mean you have to change your mind.

4. Your parents will put less impediments if they see you in a happy couple, if they know that your boyfriend respects you and that by his side you can continue to be an independent and happy person.

5. For your peace of mind, it is better to get to know your boyfriend first, to spend some time with him and to see him through your eyes, which will undoubtedly be a more benevolent perspective.

6. Do not let them dramatize. If you see that they become intense or try to make emotional blackmail, put an end to the conversation, without bad but in a forceful way. Your decision is made.

Going to live with your boyfriend is an important step in the relationship but it is not irreversible or definitive decision. If you present it that way to your parents, they sure will not put any problems.

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