6 Well Paying Jobs In Kenya, But No One Wants To Take

When opting for a trade, many of us make the mistake of being guided only by our passions.

To tell the truth, if you are lucky enough to have a concern for some discipline, you are lucky.

Working in something you don’t like can give you a lot of anguish. Likewise, if you have received a good education from parents or teachers, surely many of them will have encouraged you to choose an option that truly made you happy and satisfied.

However, many fall into error, building castles in the air or dreaming of jobs that they know that unless they have very good luck, they will not be able to achieve.

Then there will come frustration and the feeling of not having acted with head or responsibility.

Like others like the funeral parlor (people always die), there will continue to be garbage, even if society changes

If you think that you are in a vital moment in which the salary can more than your personal gratification, here is a list of jobs that are currently very well paid but that, yes, you will not they will be delusional at all.

Wastewater technician

The sewers are also damaged. And someone must do the ‘dirty work’. If you are willing to be you, you will be surprised at how well paid it is in the country across the pond.

 There, employees earn good money. We are not so lucky here. If we take a look at the job offers available, they offer a good gross salary, but not bad to start with.


The trade in which you surely thought as soon as you read the headline of this article. Unless you are a big fan of horror novels or you like the gloomy, this work is not that it is the joy of the garden.

 The skills you will have to demonstrate range from general cleaning to masonry. And, of course, gardening, since someone has to advise the relatives of the deceased to select the best bouquets or the design of the headstone.

Dumping trash

One of the most typical jobs that come to mind when thinking about pay and not hobby.

Furthermore, it is a fairly profitable and stable business. Like others like the funeral parlor (people always die), there will continue to be garbage, even if society or business cycles change.

Truck driver

Obviously, it is a very sacrificed but very necessary job. Without them, many of the things you see around you could not have at hand or use. Everything you ask for on the Internet, for example, or even basic food items from supermarkets … everything arrives by truck.

The main drawback is that you will have to assume a kind of exile, since you will spend many hours away from your family and friends or on night shifts, which makes it impossible for you to lead a comfortable and common social life.


If you do not suffer disgust or mania from certain insects or rodents, this is your job.

This job doesn’t have much of a reputation for being so well paid. Of course, surely you find a free position in less than what a rooster crows, since, who has as a hobby to be in permanent contact with the bugs?

Crime Scene Cleaner

It looks like a movie, but it is a job like any other. Especially in cities or countries with high crime rates.

And, above all, it is a hundred percent necessary service: when people are injured (even if it is simply the cause of an accident), or worse, murdered, someone has to clean up all the mess.

That could be you, if you don’t consider yourself particularly apprehensive

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