7 Career Opportunities Available For Tourism Students

In this article we try to give you a better understanding of what you are going to study in a Tourism course.

Study Areas in the Tourism Course


Studying psychology in the tourism course can be a good way to understand the personal manifestations for carrying out the tourist activity. As well as, gaining a perception of how to make an emotional management of those who seek tourism.

Marketing and Advertising

The great part of the tourist activity is centered on the dissemination of diverse programs and tours, presentation of hotel units or attraction campaigns at regional, national and international level. The study of these disciplines will provide the student with the necessary tools for the tourism business.


This discipline is capable of being the most obvious for the tourism course. It is important for the student to know the geographical differences both nationally and internationally. This will allow to deepen the knowledge about the world and its places, preparing the tourism professional for evaluations about the territories.

History and Culture

It is also very important to associate the history and culture of each place. Much of the tourist experience comes from recognizing new cultural forms, as well as learning the historical qualities of the places. They are joined by knowledge in the area of ​​Art History for the understanding of museological or architectural nuclei.


Sports and Adventure tourism is very much in vogue these days. Many people are looking for places that allow a good adrenaline rush, but always in safe situations. Thus, sport is also a component of some tourism courses that aim to provide the professional with good sports skills


Knowledge within the Management areas is a little more related to the hotel activity, which has its own organizational capacity. In some courses, this area is more valued than in others, showing a duality between tourism courses more focused on tourism programming and those that are more connected to Hotel Management.


In any tourism course, the study of foreign languages ​​will be important. These will allow the professional linked to tourism to be able to work in the different types of tourism, creating a communicative capacity that will bring tourism agents closer to tourism consumers. This will be a way to bring tourists closer to the realities of each point of tourist attraction.

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