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7 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn From A Beggar

Probably one of the most look down members of a community, but there is something we can learn from this low lying cadre of beggars.

A beggar, has one thing in common with any entrepreneur, making a kill and that is money. Interestingly a beggar would make a big catch than a well established entrepreneur who has invested a lot in his or her business.

Below are seven lessons Businessmen and Entrepreneurs can learn from Beggars

Resilient and persistent

Beggars know what they want and go for it with resilient and persistence. They will try and make eye contact.

Likewise, one needs to be quick and borrow these tools in identifying new prospects

Easy Requests

A beggar will not go for lots of money from you, but the simplest coins or notes in your pockets. Something you can afford.

Similarly, one needs to package their products to be easily acceptable and affordable to the target market


Make no lie, a beggar can be spotted few miles away. Why? Because of their costume. They will be dressed in a way that you won’t find it difficult to spot them from the crowd.

For an entrepreneur, being different is key and standing out of the market is the goal.

Building a relationship

Beggars will always appreciate and thank you, whether you give or you don’t. And know that tomorrow you might pass by again.

Thus, a big call for businessmen, treat all customers equal.


Why do beggars appeal to your emotions? So that you find it easy to help. Beggars will do so by showing up their disability such as blindness, deaf or crippled.

For entrepreneurs, the point is to find a unique way to express your ideas

Well Prepared

Beggars come well prepared for their donors. They will place themselves strategically where they will have help rather than just onlookers

For businessmen, you need to find people who are ready to spend money rather than those who are broke or holding to their cash


A part from begging, beggars spent the rest of their time praying and meditating on their next day.

Why shouldn’t an entrepreneur follow the suit. Sometimes magic happens due to the power from above

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