7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From The Best TED Talks Speakers

Speaking before a mass of a large group of people and trying to sway and persuade them to his vices can be a very daunting activity for the young generation especially is you are not a naturally born orator and sometimes proven hard for some young leader.

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But here are some easy ways to move your crowd near yourself and tell them your ideas.

  1. Don’t talk right away as you speak on the stage as this communicate some sense of fear and insecurity. Only move on the stage when trying to demonstrate something
  2. Always show up to give than to take. Always talk to inspire and teach new ideas than only getting followers or buyers for your own interest
  3. Make eye contact with the audience one by one because scanning and panning disconnects you from the whole audience
  4. Speak unusually slowly as the audience are understanding and patient enough to hang on each of your word than just rushing and speaking so fast than your audience can understand.
  5. Ignore the naysayers and just focus on your supporters. Ignore those who are not in your favor.
  6. Turn nervousness into excitement by ensuring that instead of being shaky and nervous with pounding hands, you are rather happy and excited.
  7. Be thankful when done this is a nice way to return the favor after the applause from the audience.

By Simon Ingari

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