10 College Dropouts Who Later Changed The World

10 College Dropouts Who Later Changed The World : While it is a dream of every varsity or college student to graduate after a stipulated course program, some of the unfortunate comrades always do find themselves between a mountain and a hard rock. Such a situation could be caused by a mileage of irreconcilable reasons with the higher institution ranging from finance, discipline and personal interests.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

What rather matters is not why you dropped out of the college but rather the next step you take after stepping down from your college.

Several world changing individuals have gone against all the odds and proven that stepping aside from your college studies is not the end of your life and people around you.

  1. Steve Job the Co-founder of Apple and founder of Macintosh dropped out of Reed College because the parents could not afford his school fees. At his death, he was worth $11 billion USD
  2. Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways dropped out of his high school education due to consistent poor academic results and performance. Though he has since advocated for education. He is worth $4.9 billion USD
  3. Dave Thomas a US based successful business person dropped out of school for the interest of making money, he died with a net worth of $99 million USD
  4. Larry Ellison the founder of Oracle dropped out of two colleges due to his know reasons. He is known to have about $54 billion USD making him among the top 10 richest earth dwellers
  5. Michael Dell the founder of Dell Computers dropped out of school to form his company, and at a young age he was listed as one of the richest young CEO. Currently he is net $20 billion USD.
  6. Mark Zuckerberg left college to find more time to deal with the Facebook Foundation and eventually had a big hit as one of the best social network sites
  7. Ted Turner the founder of news cycle was expelled from Brown University after being caught by a girl in his room
  8. Opra Winfrey also dropped out of Tennessee University. She is one of the top 10 richest women worldwide with her famous TV show.
  9. Bill Gates the second richest and one time the most richest person across the world left college to initiate Microsoft Cooperation
  10. Lady Gaga also dropped out of school to fully venture in music
  11. Walter Disney the founder of film and movie maker firm Disney World dropped out of school at 16 to join Red cross
  12. Abraham Lincoln left school to help her mother earn a living before becoming the US president.

By Simon Ingari

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