7 Shaving Mistakes Every (Probably ) Young Person Is Making

The shaving debate before looked to focus on men, but today it is affecting even girls, and to be specific young ladies.

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Men will battle with beards and head hair and ladies will struggle with leg hair and hand hair at many times not to mention pubic hair for both parties.

Being young, you are bound to overlook some small but crusial details while shaving, and here are seven mistakes you should start avoid from today.

  1. Using a man’s razor if you are a lady is far much like using his toothbrush, it is not hygienically correct, plus the fact that you might be using the blades on different body parts
  2. Cleaning before shaving prepares your skin for shaving, and also cleans your skin to remove any dirt around the shaving area
  3. Not using shaving gel or cream, it makes it hard for smooth shaving and this could lead to skin injuries as well as irritations
  4. Pressing so hard on your skin injures the delcate parts of your skin which could lead to other skin related infections
  5. Leaving your shaver on the shower edges, and this could lead to rusting and often quick dulling of the blades
  6. Shaving with soap or body wash
  7. Not changing the blade often makes you hurt your skin with a worn out blade, and this could cause severe irritation



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