7 Signs That He Is Not Interested In Love

The years and the amount of relationships of the couple, rolls and friends with rights that we have had during life give us some experience and wisdom, but we are not infallible and sometimes we see love where there is only kindness.

We leave you the signs that he is not interested, he is just being nice. Do not get confused.

Signs that he is not interested in love

  1. Body language

Body language can give you many clues. Do not be fooled because there is contact because it depends on the place. If you are together you touch the shoulder or even the back but never the waist, be disappointed, you are just being nice.

  1. WhatsApp signals

We keep going around with that application of the devil that causes so many misunderstandings. Let’s make things clear: if you answer immediately WhatsApp is that you are very interested. For everything else, he’s just being polite or friendly.

  1. The signals of the company

You are rarely left alone, most of the times you are together with more friends. He may pay attention to you when you speak and he will smile at you, but that does not mean anything else but that he is a kind person. If I was interested in you, I would look for a way to be alone.

I’m sorry, he’s just being nice to you; you are not interested in

  1. Together but not scrambled

Okay, sometimes you are also left alone in one or the other house to watch a movie. But there has been a festive erotic approach or a kiss. I have just wanted to be your friend!

  1. The signals of the conversation

It does not have any problem in commenting on your last conquest of the weekend. Do not think that you are giving jealousy, because jealousy is no longer carried. It’s that he wants nothing more than a friendship.

  1. Contact signals

Who gets in touch with whom? Because it is one thing for you to answer the Whatsapp and have long conversations on the phone and another thing is for that contact to start him. If you are the one who sends the first WhatsApp, suspect.

  1. Time puts things in place

Let’s be honest. How long have you known each other? If you have spent more than two weeks (and we are leaving a very wide margin of time) and you have not tried anything with you, it is not that you have an attitude of an errant, it is that you are not interested.



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