7 Signs That Indicate You Should Drink More Water

As we know, 60% of our body is composed of water, so hydrating ourselves daily is absolutely necessary. Experts recommend drinking about 8 glasses of water a day, which is about 2 liters, although it is a measure that can change from one person to another. But how do we know if we are hydrating well? Does our body need more water?

7 signals that your body releases to that you do not drink enough water.

Your body is asking you to drink more water

1. You have dry skin

Poor nutrition and lack of hydration causes the skin of your face and body to dry up, lose elasticity and shine, and eczema may appear. If you notice that the appearance of your skin has changed, it may be a sign that you need to moisturize yourself a little more.

2. You feel tired

The lack of water in your body will cause the body to need water from the blood, which causes a lack of oxygen in all the organs. That is why you feel exhausted throughout the day and the body does not ask for anything other than rest. Doing a little exercise a day will be bad for you.

3. Your lips are dry

Like the rest of the skin, in the absence of water, the lips also lose their hydration and dry out, giving rise to cracks. You can notice some improvement by applying to lip repair product but if you also drink more water you will feel better.

4.You have torticollis

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is related to pains in the neck area, so if your neck hurts or you have torticollis, it is convenient to drink water to relief pain.

5. Your bones hurt

Maybe you do not know, but both joints and cartilaginous discs are composed of 80% water, so it is necessary to drink water and keep your bones in good condition, otherwise they will hurt.

6. You have dry eyes

The lack of water also makes you lack hydration in the lacrimal so your eyes dry out, they turn red and that, they look tired.

7. You have got dark circles

The appearance of this dark area under your eyes, not only with factors such as food and rest, also with the insufficient water that you take during the day.

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