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7 Strange Dead-Rituals Performed On Sharon Otieno’s Infant Before Burial

The death of Sharon Otieno, though not unique, was very painful to her loved one since it was planned by malicious individuals police have been trailing.

But the death of her unborn baby, could stand out as unique, the killers did not only wish the mother dead, but they also wanted to kill the little innocent infant.

The morgue autopsy reported that Sharon’s underbelly was painfully stabbed as her attackers aimed at the unborn baby.

Police boss has held the burial of Sharon Otieno until killers are charged. But Sharon Otieno’s kid was buried, even though not the usual way.

According to the Luo culture, below are some of the unique dead-rituals performed on the little boy

  1. The boy was named with a girl’s name. He was called baby Sharon. Funny why they decided to give him a female name.
  2. Baby Sharon, as the name suggests, was named after her late mum Sharon Otieno
  3. He was also dressed all in white clothes before burial
  4. His body was not also accorded with normal viewing ritual, it was taken straight to the graveyard.
  5. Sharon’s body will not be laid near at her son’s place at their home, but it will be taken to her first husband Benard Okuta whom they divorced despite having 3 kids
  6. His burial was not accorded with the usual funeral program, but rather a very short body lowering program
  7. The boy will honored among the dead Luo as baby Sharon


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