7 Things That Unfaithful Men Do Without Realizing It

There are men who like to admire other women still having a partner and is not wrong as long as this is not a reason for infidelity towards his girl.

Maybe as a man you have never had a side lover but there are actions that you do that may be the beginning that induces you to have an extramarital relationship or be unfaithful to someone who occupies a place in your life.

Of course there are also men who are unfaithful without their wife’s knowledge and those who try to be discreet, it can be an emotional infidelity where an intimate relationship has not been consumed but the fact is there.

This can be done with co-workers, former girlfriends, old friends or just women who just met, often behave too flirtatious and make innuendo to see if this is something else or pierce the woman if she would be with whom they tend to Clandestine relationship


Men use a lot to tell women how good they look every day, if they bring tight clothes they let you know that you can see the cleavage, if you bring different makeup, they tell you that with that lip color they are kissable, they flirt with the look, they have their eyes, they have a somewhatsexy movement towards them.

Please Send Photos And Videos

 Maybe they communicate regularly by WhatsApp but just with the woman who pretend to have an infidelity they send him sensual, sexual images, maybe they are a joke type but sublimely seeks to know how much he addresses the issue and that , take advantage and ask his opinion questions and clear also send personal photos of him or some part of his body.

Send Messages By Mistakes

Take advantage of your downtime or when wife is not around to send you a message, from a simple hello, to questioning about what you do and trigger a conversation that will always end with strong issues, this can be done at work or at nights that are the hours that most infidels use to talk with their lovers according to study.

Knowing To Much About His Female Friends Details

It is not forbidden to have a man to have friends, but often with that person who they are infidels emotionally or physically he comes to know more about his life than the same girlfriend or wife , with her she makes comparisons and usually tells her those things that, according to him, she has an uncomfortable relationship and they usually cause a bit of pity before her, maybe by becoming a victim.

Create False Social Networks

It can be that they have social networks and make him see his wife who does not use them or makes another to contact girls without her realizing partner, they like many photos or comments praising their beauty or they ask you for your phone number to send.

Act As Single

Make invitations to women saying that there is no problem with his wife, who will not notice even comes to tell them that she can do the same without having problems with him.

Error Evidence

The unfaithful men of course they do not want to lose their security, that’s why maybe they check their cell phone you will not see anything strange, any conversation, message or call with someone suspicious and that they usually erase all evidence or say the same to the other party that does.

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