7 Types Of Women Who Should Not Use Copper IUDs

The wide variety of contraceptives on the market provides women with methods that adapt to different lifestyles and gynecological profiles, all in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies . One of the most popular is the IUD , because after it’s inserted, you practically forget you’re wearing it. However, not all of you can use it. These are the 7 women who are not recommended to use IUDs.

According to the Mexican Institute of Social Security , IMSS, the IUD, a copper intrauterine device , is a safe and effective method to prevent pregnancy . Made with flexible plastic and a copper “T” (which prevents sperm from passing)

There are two sizes of IUDs , the standard size if you already have children and a smaller one if you do not have children yet. It is 98% effective if placed correctly . In addition, it has contraceptive protection for up to 10 years.

 These are the 7 types of women who are not recommended to use IUDs :

  1. Women who had endometriosis in the last three months
  2. Women with severe and profuse menstrual pain
  3. Women with a history of ectopic pregnancies
  4. Women with infection in the fallopian tubes or uterus
  5. Women who have had vaginal bleeding without an identified cause
  6. Women who have any alteration in the uterus such as fibroids, polyps, bicornuate uterus or narrower uterus.
  7. Women with risk practices who can contract sexually transmitted infections or have had a pelvic infection.

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