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7 Ways Youths Are Promoting Corruption In Kenya

A study by East African Institute has revealed how youths in Kenya greed for money has left their hands begging for a corruption deal or even a bribe.


The following are the 7 ways through which youths are glorifying the corruption menace in Kenya.

  1. Evading tax

The research firm found out that about half of the population of the youths interviewed had no problem of evading tax as long as they do not end up behind the bars.


  1. Using dubious means

About a population 47% according to the study, said that they won’t mind obtaining money in unclear way as long as they make a good profit and earn a living.


  1. Receiving a bribe

A population of 35% interviewed said they will give a bribe to see one or more of their deals go through the lawful handle in unlawful way. They cared less about the right procedure as long as their ends are met.


  1. View corruption as an integrity act

If a majority of our youths don’t see corruption as an integrity issues, then we have a long way to go,John Githongo, a corruption activist said in reply to the new findings

He termed the findings as the most disturbing but rather not surprising


  1. Voting in corrupt candidates

Most youths interviewed in rural areas tent to be more culpable as compared to those living in urban areas when it comes to recycling of corrupt officials in public offices. The rural generation tent to vote for corrupt officials more likely as long as their hands have been greased.


  1. Giving a bribe

“About 35% interviewed agreed to have given a bribe or even have received a bribe,” the East African Institute found out after carrying the research in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


  1. Undeceive

Dr. Alex Awiti, the director of the research institute also said tthat they realized that youths tend to be undeceive when making their own decisions and tend to do what their parents and guardians are doing.

Dr. Alex stated that youth need to be decisive on corruption issues and even avoid picking corrupt individuals to be their mentors or peers or even role models.

By Simon Ingari



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