8 Very Kenyan Habits In Your 20’s That Will Get You Poor By 30

If you qualify from the following 8 habits and you do not get poor by the age of 30 then you have got a problem.

1. You cannot live a day past your salary day 

If your salary was delayed for a week you would be rioting in the streets.



2. Your flossets exceed your assets 

The value of your cars, personal belongings, spend on holidays and so forth exceed actual investments such as property, shares, businesses

Man catching falling cash


3. Only you know you’re not as rich as you seem 

Many times, we spend to impress other people. We falsely believe that the phone, the, neighborhood, club, car gives us respect or elevates our social status



4. Mama mboga loans

From your Mama Mboga to your Mshwari you have debts trailing you like a bunch of hungry children. This means you have taken loans to fund lifestyle. Consumer debt includes credit cards, salary advance, school fees loans, furniture loans, car loans.



5. You don’t have a plan for your life.

This is actually the biggest clue that you may be speeding down the highway of poverty. You have no idea what the next five years will look like for you



6. Your sources of entertainment are monetary 

You do not have to go out every weekend, sit in, read a book, watch a documentary or listen to your favorite music at home.

Chez Ntemba


7. You suffer from amnesia with your spending 

On payday, you always go buck wild and forget that you will actually need to eat and live the last week before your next paycheck



8. You believe that loving someone is expensive 

A few pricy dates here and there is fine, but do not make it a habit. Find cheaper ways to have fun with your loved one. Picnics, walks, or an in-house movie is just as fun as dining at a 5 star restaurant.




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