8 Skills College Students Are Developing With Online Classes

The training of professionals was also transformed with the pandemic, online classes have been the only way for students to continue their learning process.

In just over seven months of confinement, higher-level students are aware that online training will be an increasingly common modality in Kenya, due to its flexibility, even 3 out of 10 young people consider that online education can be adapted to any race.

Faced with a future of work that is transforming jobs and demanding new skills in talent, online training has allowed students to develop these skills that are increasingly valued by employers.

 In the first instance, young people have improved their knowledge in the use of technological tools and their adaptability.

What skills are students developing?

  1. Management of technological tools
  2. Adaptability
  3. Innovative or creative solutions to a problem
  4. Self determination
  5. Communication
  6. Knowledge construction
  7. Collaboration
  8. Leadership

The students have developed these skills in a context of little interaction with peers, this is the aspect that most young people miss their classroom training.

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